Sunday, August 2, 2009

crazy new trailers

just watched a bunch of new trailers. let me start over. First I went to see "MOON" w/ Sam Rockwell, but i got there just in time for the flick and missed the previews... and i HATE missing the previews. The flick was awesome, go see it. So, then I watched a bunch of previews. here's my take:
Fantastic Mr. Fox: i'm there for that one. clooney, bill murray, jason schwartzman, itll rule.
Tron Legacy: ditto. i don't even remember the first one well (but you can bet ill see it this week) but for some reason, even tho this is disney, i think its gonna be awesome.
Ninja Assassin: totally there. haven't seen a good ninja movie in a loooong time. (i mean a new one).
The Invention of Lying: probably won't go see it, but the concept is great, and the cast looks good, so itll probably be pretty rad.
Big Fan: looks totally depressing. no way jose. patton, stick to making me laugh, not cry.
Alice in Wonderland: this looked great until i saw Depp hit the screen, his makeup made me want to punch my laptop. itll still probably be good, but i say that hesitantly.
A Serious Man: i love the Coens, and i dig that these look like unknown actors. but i have no clue if itll suck or not. hard to tell by the preview. looks like a sleeper.
The Box: now, this looks like a pretty creepy flick! totally down. count me in.
I Sell the Dead: im gonna pass on this, but it gets points for having Angus Scrimm, who i think was the fucking "Tall Man" in Phantasm. (yep, he was.)
Halloween II: looks like dogshit.
The Book of Eli: what the fuck is this supposed to be about?
District 9: im in b/c of the alien saying, "i just wanna go home." fucked up.

everything else brand new looks like shit. still waiting on inglorious basterds, and sherlock holmes to wet my appetite. hell, ill even go see where the wild things are. ok, more bad movie reviews soon. ive been without net for toooooo long. chow. down actually. i haven't eaten anything today except a tuna sandwich super early. im starving.

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