Thursday, March 26, 2009

Houston Hangin

been watchin a ton of flicks here.  Just watched Death Wish this morning.  I love Charles Bronson.  Yesterday we watched Howard the Duck.  It was just released on dvd a few weeks back.  Hasn't been available in years.  And i know why.  George Lucas knows a turd when he smells it.  It was ok as far as bad movies go... and I DO love BAD movies... but this one was a real stinker.  A few things saved it... and Not Jeffrey Jones like youre all thinking...  And I'm sure Tim Robbins still has nightmares about his performance.  Im talking LEA THOMPSON.  What happened to her?  Wheeeew.  It also had some girl duck tits... we were trying to figure out who this movie was marketed to??  Couldn't've been kids... but?!  The 70s and 80s were different.  A "shit" here, a titty shot there... Jason pointed out Bad News Bears as an example... swearing and blatant racism in a kids movie.  Oh well.  Save your 11 bucks and netflixx it.  Tim and Eric Season 2.  GO PURCHASE.  worth every nickel.  "ill bet her taco smells like a dumpster... KABOWSH!"  The dudes watched the 1st harry potter, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Just not interested in that little bastard.  ok, what else, well, I'm reading "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town" by Bukowski.  Heavy and amazing.  More on that soon.
Also been thinking about a new tattoo.  Had an hourglass in my mind for a long while.  We shall see.  Here's a little mock up my friend Antone did...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW recap/ Awesome Band Alert (sxsw edition)

yosoholius.  So sxsw is over, and we are still reeling from it.  Having to take a week off here in Houston so everyone can attend to some personal stuff.  Trying to remember all the shit that we got into.  Here's what i can remember on first thought:
Wednesday:  Roll into town... Rock @ Emo's Annex.  This was probably our best show of the week.  We got the chance to party with different buddies all week long and it started just as we got here.  (Jucifer, Priestess, the Bronx.)  Saw Jucifer play, then we rocked, then we loaded our shit, and then we watched Priestess play.  I have to say their new songs are badass.  Especially "lady killer".  Then we watched the Bronx kill it over @ Red 7.  The next day is such a blur of blown eardrums and sore feet, that ill spare you the details of everything and just give you a list of the complete shows that i saw.
Thursday:  Ironworks BBQ!!  Skeletonwitch.  Avett Brothers.  walk 3 miles.  Roky Erickson!  walk 2 miles.  Radio Moscow.  the Entrance Band.  Flower Travelin' Band!!!  walk 1 mile.  Annihilation Time.  Early Man.
Friday:  I can't even really remember a lot of what was going on this morning, but i do know that I made my way over to see Earthless play w/ J Mascis on extra guitar.  This (unbeknownst to me at the time) was blowing out my fucking eardrums.  They jammed so goddamned hard, and my ears were ringing for over an hour later.  Best thing I saw really.  Hmmm...  Then sometime later we played @ a gay bar.  It was rad, but totally unorganized.  Then we partied it up some more w/ skeletonwitch and all the dude bands over at red 7.
Saturday:  We played a party early style w/ like a round robin setup.  One of the bands scheduled to play apparently went to jail, so our buddies in Golden Error got to play.  And the other bands were Team Robespierre, Cerebral Ballzy, and She Rides.  And somehow after that, we got out of town in time to make it to Houston to see Skeletonwitch yet again w/ Black Tusk, and Kylesa.  So.  My brains are fried.  Just purchased the new Extra Golden cd.
Thanx to all of our friends in every band we saw like Black Skies, and Colossus, and everyone else.  Extra Special thanx to Jeff Hammett and his family for putting us up.  More and More And More soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


alahoyus.  So, I'm sure some of you have noticed that I went from like 2 updates a day to zilch pretty quickly.  Well, its because we are back on tour.  And its been fucking hectic/crazy/super busy.  I'll be posting a shitton of pics asap.  As for right now, what's been on my mind?  Well, we played a killer show in St Augustine, Florida called Harvest of Hope.  There were tons of bands, and it was only about 1000 times cooler than any single warped tour show we ever did.  And most of the bands there we met @ Warped Tour.  Got to hang with Strike Anywhere and our buddies in Against Me!.  Saw our buds in Bouncing Souls, and got to watch Bad Brains.  I wish I could've hung out for sunday.  Couldve seen the GZA, and Kool Keith, and KRS-1, and Murs.  But whatever, you can't do it all.  I did ride the Scrambler w/ Bennie, and almost puked.  It was rad.  Ate a bunch of fair food.  Read most of Kurt Vonnegut's son's novel, The Eden Express.  His name is Mark Vonnegut and he was/is schizophrenic.  It's a pretty hectic read.  What else?  Thanx to all our friends all over florida, as we were there for over a week in all the nooks and crannys.  Anyway, like I said, pics coming soon.  bird up.