Friday, February 26, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Legion (2010)

hello everyone. ive been watching a lot of steve martin, chevy chase, martin short, john candy, and dan akroyd flicks lately, and they are awesome, and i guess in some ways, they can be bad... but they aren't the type of flicks that i would review on here, just because they are too awesome. these flicks are awesome in a different way. So for my bday a few weeks back, an old friend took me out to see a movie that NO ONE else wanted to see, that somehow i KNEW was going to be perfect. i wasn't disappointed. LEGION.

Talk about a confusing plot. Im going to start this off by letting everyone know that in the past, Ive let some spoilers slip in hopes that people WOULD actually track down some of these movies so that they are worth talking about. Ive never really reviewed a new movie, and I don't wanna ruin it for anyone, so I will not let anything slip here. But, there's plenty to talk about. How about the fact that one of the main characters is the little kid from SLINGBLADE all growns up!! It took me all of 10 minutes to place that thick drawl, and then I spent the rest of the movie trying to figure out if it had really been long enough for that little kid to be this old looking. He really sprouted! Or else, he was old already in slingblade. who cares. Another thing I dig is Apocalypse flicks, and that's the whole deal with this one. Randy Quaid owns a diner and some people get stuck out in it during the end of times. God is over it, and he sends Micheal (one of his main angels) to eradicate the human race. But Micheals like, waitaminnit... this is bullshit God. So he chops his fucking wings off, breaks into some warehouse with hundreds of machine guns, fills an LAPD squad car with them, and then hits the road to the desert. Anyway, skipping forward, let's just say Gabriel doesn't like Micheals attitude, and we have a setup for a fucking hectic sequel. Cussing Grannies, black clouds, confusing plots... this one is definitely shitty and awesome rolled into one. highly recommended especially if you can check it at a 1.50 screening. word.


  1. It would have been the greatest movie ever if it was released around 1993.

  2. This reminds me of an old favorite movie of mine, God's Army: The Prophecy (1995) Where Christopher Walken plays the Archangel Gabriel who comes to Earth to find a human soul that can end the war in heaven.

    Fun fact: Glenn Danzig plays the angel Samayel in the sequel.

    You said it brother: "Shitty and awesome rolled in one"