Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rocknowledgy Episode 31 is up and ready for freddy

yoyoyo Alahoyus true believers, wild thangs, rocknowledgists, brollums, broskeetas, and thorriors. Me and the T6000 made this for you today. We are about to hit the road tomorrow... hope to see you all out there. plenty of places to check our dates out to see if we are coming to your town, but how about here?

Lots of sweet jams this week. Garage, ramones clones, 80s butt shakers, and old vs new hardcore punk jammers. GET INTO IT.

Free download HERE or get it on iTunes!!


Intro by T6K,

Beastie Boys- Professor Booty,

Blues Magoos- Gotta Get Away,

Painted Willie- Little Red Book (Love cover),

Gloria Jones- Tainted Love,

Status Quo- Tune To The Music,

JJ Fad- Supersonic,

The Only Ones- Another Girl, Another Planet,

The Seeds- Pushin' Too Hard,

The Hanson Brothers- Stick Boy,

Egg Hunt- We All Fall Down,

Peter Brown- They Only Come Out At Night,

Gorilla Biscuits- New Direction,

Mean Jeans- Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo,

Billy Stewart- Sitting In The Park,

Trash Talk- Gimme Death,

The Hanson Brothers- Road Pizza,

Dag Nasty- Average Man,

OFF!- King Kong Brigade,

Lower Dens- Holy Water,

Outro by T6K,

Weird Al Yankovic- Polkas On 45

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