Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rocknowledgy Episode 33 is UP, with special guest Blag from the Dwarves!!

Alahoyus one and all. Thank you to all Thorriors and Rocknowledgists out there. Today we have a very special guest who throws us a very "AM radio" Rocknowledgy list. Super psyched at how it came out. Hello to you all from the T-6000 and me from here in Louisville on our day off. More and more soon!

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Episode 33 playlist:

Intro- T6K,
Dwarves- Get Outta My Life,
Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke,
The Sonics- The Witch,
The Seeds- No Escape,
13th Floor Elevators- You're Gonna Miss Me,
Jackson 5- ABC,
The Archies- Sugar, Sugar,
Joan Jett- Make Believe,
The Chordettes- Lollipop,
Looking Glass- Brandy (You're a Fine Girl),
Stevie Wonder- Livin' For the City,
O'Jays- Backstabbers,
Elton John- Crocodile Rock,
The Spinners- Workin' My Way Back To You Babe,
The Bronx- History's Stranglers,
Zeke- Flat Track,
The Supersuckers- Born with A Tail,
Dwarves- I Will Deny

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