Thursday, August 15, 2013

ROCKNOWLEDGY FANS!!! Want Rocknowledgy to come back???

Alahoyus Rocknowledgists! So, I want to keep doing Rocknowledgy, but the service I use to keep it on iTunes and posted up so everyone can have it for free now costs me $20 a month. To keep doing Rocknowledgy and make it free for everyone across the universe, I either need to solicit enough adds to pay the $20 a month fee, or garnish enough donations from you the fans and rocknowledgists to keep the boat afloat. So here's my plan: IF you all want me to keep Rocknowledgy going: I'm giving up adspace to sponsors for $5 a month for a 30 ad about your business or whatever you want. It'll reach over 50 countries and several thousand downloads per episode. If you're interested send me an email at Alternatively if you'd like to just donate to the Rocknowledgy fund, you can Paypal me at as well. Please write on there that it is for Rocknowledgy so that it will go to the appropriate place. If I get enough bread after this first month of solicitation and all goes well, Ill commit myself to (at least) one episode per month. I never had to commit before because I just did it leisurely, but its so much fun and so many of you have hollered at me about it over the last few months of tours, I feel like I need to bring it back asap. Ok, let the commerce begin. You want an ad? Send me an email. You wanna donate for all the great jams you've discovered? Make it happen. Thanks from me and the T-6000. Jam for yall soon. Valient Himself

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