Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rocknowledgy Episode 43!!! Ready for your unquenchable appetites!

Alahoyus Rocknowledgists and Thorriors! We're back after a small break. And this one comes on the heels of Record Store Day. On this episode we celebrate the lives of Dave Brockie from Gwar, and Scott "Rock Action" Asheton, both who passed away since our last episode. We also see some of the projects I've been working on lately. Super psyched on this one brothers and sisters!! Crank it up!

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Episode 43 playlist:
Intro- T-6000,
 The Action- Ill Keep On Holding On,
 Holly & The Italians- You Better Tell That Girl To Shut Up,
 Chuck Berry- Tulane,
 Gwar- Sick Of You,
 Big Star- Don't Lie To Me,
 Kill The Hippies- Volcano,
 Melvins- Dog Island,
 Herb Alpert- The Spanish Flea,
 Sonic's Rendezvous Band- City Slang,
 Andre Nickatina- Baking Soda Down In Minnesota,
 Basment Sessions w/ Valient Himself- 7 & 7 Is (Love cover),
 Hjortene w/ Valient Himself- 180.000 km/t,
 Big Boys- Gator Fuckin',
 Radio Birdman- Love Kills,
 The Deviants- You've Got To Hold On,
 Earl Grant- House Of Bamboo,
 Hasil Adkins- Change Gears On That Thing,
 Outro- T-6000,
 Golden- Nikki

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