Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Django (1966)

'You can clean up the mess, but don't touch my coffin."- Django

ok, this is totally weird, but this is the 2nd flick I've reviewed by Sergio Corbucci this month. Superfuzz was also directed by him years later. and now that I look at it, Terence Hill looks uncannily like Franco Nero from his role here in Django...
check it:

Wow, I just looked it up, and Terence Hill is 2 years older than Franco Nero. Strange. I would've thought Franco was his dad. Anyway, this also marks my second review of a Franco Nero film after reviewing KEOMA earlier in the year.
One of the earliest, most violent (up until then) spaghetti westerns, Corbucci really had it down when he made DJANGO!!!

Django is the story of a lone gunman who fought for the north during the civil war, walking the western deserts in search of revenge dragging along behind him a coffin. He comes upon some Mexican dudes basically stringing up this chick named Maria, and then these white dudes with red masks kill the mexicans, and start to kill the woman themselves. Django isn't gonna have that, so he kills those dudes and tells the girl he has to go to town.
When he gets there, he goes to the whore saloon that serves both the mexicans and the remnants of the southern army, still operating under some dude named Major Jackson. The story really reminds me of this book I read by Cormac McCarthy called BLOOD MERIDIAN. In that book, even after the war is over, jerks like Major Jackson kept scalping the Native Americans, and when they couldn't get them, they'd go kill some Mexicans. Its a terrible thought, and something they don't speak much about in history books, but it happened.

So basically this Jackson is just killing for fun, and taxing the citizens and being a really bad man. I don't wanna give away the best part, but Django has it out for his ass. He spits this wine cork in this smug preacher's face in one scene. Its so badass. Then that guy gets his ear cut off later. Anyway, Django takes care of them, then the story takes a turn, and you find out he has a plan to rob a shitload of gold from the Mexican border with the help of some Mexican friends of his own. He does this, and then, well, like I said, why ruin it? This bad motherfucker is streaming right now on Netflix instant, so make it happen, yall. thumbs up.

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  1. Sweet, I almost watched this last night on netflix but it had moxed reviews and I didn't feel like subtitles. Definitely gonna check it out. Does the streaming version have subtitlles or overdub? Someone was saying that the dubs are terrible; maybe that's a good thing?