Wednesday, May 11, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: Trick or Treat (1986)

"Shut up! Play my tape for me tonight or die!"- Sammie Curr

"These evil people have just got to be stopped."- The Reverend (Ozzy)

"I'm gonna get all these fucking assholes back... somehow... someway."- Eddie

My buddies have been telling me about this one for a while. Its sort of in this small pocket genre of "rocknroll horror" along with Black Roses, Hard Rock Zombies, Rocknroll Nightmare, and the already reviewed Shock Em Dead. Everyone seemed to think this may be THE rocknroll horror movie. I have to admit it's pretty good, but goes on about a half an hour too long. Just when you think its almost over, the damn thing almost goes into the whole ending scene which is another 45 minutes. It gets a special mention for being a Dino "Conan" Laurentiis Production and for having Fastway do most of the soundtrack. Marc Price from Family Ties stars with cameo roles for Gene Simmons and Ozzy in TRICK OR TREAT!!!

This one starts off with a story of a kid that I could totally relate to. Eddie "Ragman" Weinbauer is a metalhead who gets the shit beat out of him pretty much on a daily basis (not that I got the shit beat out of me EVERYday). The weird thing was he was the only metalhead in the school, his only friend was a nerd kid. He's writing a letter to his hometown hero who's now a bigshit rockstar, Sammie Curr. Then he goes to wash his dirties, and BAM! The evening news smacks him in the face saying that ol Sammie has been killed in hotel fire. It also goes on to say that he had been banned from playing his alma mater, the local high school's Halloween dance. Eddie is bummed and goes to the local radio disc jockey "Nuke" played by Gene Simmons.

Nuke says come on Ragman, don't be sad, here's the fucking only copy of Sammie Curr's last ever recorded acetate. And just gives it to him because he made a tape of it. See? Bootlegging has been a problem since the 80s. Eddie is psyched, goes to school and a little subplot happens where this lil cutie digs him but his rage over the meatheads makes him oblivious to her sexual longing. He DOES go to check her out at a late night swim sesh, but is again foiled and embarrassed, sealing the deal for him to worship the devil. Not really. Actually he goes home, throws down the fresh wax, passes out, wakes up as the record is stuck on a part where some words are skipping backwards. Obviously he is pissed because this is a brand new rekkid, and he goes to check it out. Trying it just to see if itll work, he scratches the rekkid backwards, and sure enough a secret message JUST TO HIM. It's Sammie Curr speaking to him from beyond the grave.

Sammie tells him to get up to all kinds of hijinx, even going so far as to make a copy of the rekkid so he can portably fuck dudes up. He gives the main meathead a copy to listen to in hopes of getting revenge, but then the meatheads girlfriend starts taking her clothes off, and then it melts her ears and a demon fucks her. At this point, Eddie goes, hey now, I'm not sure about this shit, and he tries to get Sammie to back off, but Sammie is like, "kill everyone!" "even yer mom", and so begins the second part of the movie where Eddie tries to escape Sammie's wrath and save the town. Sammie escapes the record and starts wrecking shit. Ozzy is also hilarious as a preacher, mimicking the same old fogies who sat on similar shows saying the same bullshit about his lyrics.

Sammie gets his nerd friend to steal and destroy the tape, but the nerd doesn't destroy it, he takes it to play at the high school dance, where Sammie escapes thru the speakers and plays with his band (who SUCK). Haha, he does these super shitty rock moves that make sense knowing the actor was a solid gold dancer. WOW. Anyway, he starts killing everyone with lightning bolts from his guitar and then Eddie comes to save the day, and win the chick. Think its over? Not even close. Then he realizes that Nuke planned to play the single over the airwaves at midnight, so he tries to make it to the station, but he's way late, so there's like a citywide destruction scene where Eddie actually drives a car over a bridge to electrocute Sammie..... I guess he didn't think of jumping out. The dumbass couldve been killed himself. Anyway... its pretty good. Especially if you like 80s metal. A little long, but Its bad, and Its awesome, so it fits here perfectly. Check it out. Party.

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