Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rocknowledgy Episode 44 is up in the stratosphere now jack!!!

Alahoyus Rocknowledgists, Thorriors, and other disreputables! Its finally time for episode 44 of Rocknowledgy. Valient Thorr has just returned from Europe and I'm excited to finally have a moment to jam some jams. Special stuff in this episode include a track from Eidan Thorr's band Revolving Beast and a new track that I guest on from Mastodon. All that plus as always the T-6000. Let's do it!

You can download or stream that badboy here:

Episode 44 Playlist:
T6000 intro,
Spinal Tap- Rocknroll Creation,
Molly Hatchet- Gator Country,
Tuff Darts- She's Dead,
Revolving Beast- Four Banger,
The Datsuns- You Build Me Up (To Bring Me Down),
Mastodon- Asleep In The Deep,
Agent Orange- Bloodstains,
Link Protrudi & The Jaymen- Avalanche,
America- You Can Do Magic,
Screaming Lord Sutch- Thumping Beat,
Lucifer's Friend- In The Time Of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie,
Chain and The Gang- I'm Not Interested In (Being Interested In) Pt. 1,
The Upper Crust- Old Money,
D.I.- Falling Out,
Love- Slick Dick,
The Doors- Not To Touch The Earth,
The Animals- I Ain't Got You,
T6000 outro,
David Bowie- Let's Spend The Night Together

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