Sunday, April 12, 2009

back on the roooad

Lots of driving.  I would put a bunch of o's in the the word "lots" to emphasize how many lots, but then it looks like loots instead of lots.  But, suffice to say, we've been driving a shitload.  Actually easier to keep up with the shenanigans first hand on twitter.  i'm @ valientthorr on there.  What else?  Bad food, crummy hotels.  GRRRREAT shows!  Couple rad gigs coming up with TURBONEGRO!!!  portland and seattle get ready!  I just watched all 6 episodes of "Eastbound & Down".  So unbelievable.  my favorite quote- "i know everything there is to know about relationships- just ask my 2nd wife Tina- and if Montel Williams wants to talk anymore shit, he can suck my dick, because those charges have been dropped..."  Only North Carolina could bring you a character like Kenny Powers.

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