Friday, April 17, 2009

hotel blues or "buy my product"

Election is one of the creepiest movies ever.  And why pray tell, am i watching shitty edited versions of movies that ive seen a million times on tbs and tnt?  well, its because we are fucking snowed in in Rawlins, Wyoming.  Its been snowing on us for days.  All thru Utah, Washington, Oregon, and I assume we'll get more of the same in Colorado.  BUT... don't get me wrong... i love the snow.  I just don't understand how the fuck I don't have any phone service right now.  Billions of dollars spent on satellites and hundreds spent a month on these bills, and some flurries stir up, and now i can't watch HBO?  We only get a few days off ya know.  We are in the flat lands!  There's like 15-20 phone towers in eyeshot.  Anyway, i'm really not that concerned.  Plus its kind of funny watching scenes from KILL BILL and hearing the dude say, "my name's buck and i like to.... party???"  and its not even synced up.  They even changed Pussy Wagon to Party Wagon.  even on the fucking keys!  ok... topic 2:  Best thing on television?  Forget that i always say LOST.  The real entertainment is in infomercials.  Sham-wow, Slap Chop, bowflex, Pro-activ, hairplugs for men, the one with the guy who wants you to clean your colon out (who looks like a greasy john waters), the one with the background that looks like larry king live, so that they can trick old people into watching it and thinking its news.  All the different ones about losing weight, or making your weiner longer.  the fucking testimonials are hilarious.  shit, i don't even know what i'm talking about.  im still laughing about that spongebob burger king commercial.  I like square butts.  what can i say?

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