Sunday, April 5, 2009

bad vloggger

things started out SOO promising.  Sorry for the lack of updates.... i guess its a case of the old story where the poet or artist becomes so wrapped up in life that he has no time to reflect and reinterpret it anymore.  Bummer.  haha.  What was it that Jim Croce said?  "You never have the time to do things you love to do once you find them..."  I'm paraphrasing.  Anyway, the southwest was just as radical as the southeast and mideast.  Best shows we've ever had in San Diego and Phoenix... and Long Beach and Los Angeles were nothing to sneeze at either...  Ill tell ya about the bands we've been jamming with tomorrow.  Thanx to all the thorriors for making those shows happenin'.  Dudes bringing 8 other dudes will do that to a party.  "you know what im talking about?"  What else?  Well,  here's a riddle... every right piece of my puzzle just won't fit.  I'm starting to think someone mixed up the fucking boxes.  Just went to a baby shower today.  Ate an amazing amount of cheeses, crackers, pretzel sticks w/ white chocolate drizzled on them, pizza, sandwiches, capri suns, and these hard bread stick things w/ some artichoke dip on them... INSANE!  maybe that's over doing it.  "insane..."  Better?  THEN, after hanging here at the skate house for a few hours playing on the rope swing, I checked out Adventureland, and had some Old Spaghetti Warehouse down in newport.  Fullfilling day, even if i'm only speaking about my belly.  Ok, more stuff soon, I have to go, b/c it's chilly outside where i'm having to stand in order to properly steal some wifi from the neighbors.  Cheeers.

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