Tuesday, June 23, 2009

bad/awesome flixxx review: The Green Slime

ok, got another one for ya.  The Green Slime.  This was a pretty good watch.  I did feel myself starting to get fidgety tho.  I totally could have passed out if i wanted to.  But i was on a mission to see this thing thru.  Sort of like MST3K.  Actually, i just looked it up, and this was to be the very first movie that Mystery Science Theater 3000 watched up on the Satellite of Love.  The film has very advanced forethought for the technology of the future.  The problem is everyone is so 50's wholesome.  Its like if the cast for "Lassie" did Star Trek.  Way ahead of its time, but also cheesy on purpose.  Bonus: the theme song "The Gree-een Sli-ime" is sung by ol Tom Jones.


  1. Ahahaha! Killer creature design. I dig the style. For your consideration, "No Escape" with Ray Liotta and Lance Henrickson. It's a solid flick.

  2. The Wraith is indeed a classic.Check out Duck Dodgers theme for some more Jonesy goodness, what a voice. May I suggest The Car(James Brolin)and Detroit 9000. If you dig those I could probably send some more as I think of them.