Thursday, June 18, 2009

bad/awesome flixxx review: the Wraith, & trailers

so, we are in Hossegor, France.  Up the beach from Biarritz, which is way south.  Almost on the border of Spain.  Been having a lovely week here, and we have another one to go.  Demoed new Valient Thorr songs, and basically have been enjoying a bit of a holiday, drinking, celebrating NightWolf's 30th and what have you.  I've also been watching a ton of B movies that ive been downloading that you can't find anywhere.  That, and checking out upcoming movie trailers.  here are some reviews:
The Wraith.  Randy Quaid, Charlie Sheen, and Opie's brother Clint Howard.  1986 flick about the ghost of a chicks boyfriend and a fry cooks brother who comes back to slaughter the gang who killed him by drag racing them, beating them, and having them slam into him and then reforming his Dodge Turbo Interceptor by the means of some space magic.

and here are some of my impressions of the new flicks that are coming out soon:
Sherlock Holmes: goin for it.  pretty much anything with RDJr in it these days is gold.
the Cove:  looking awesome.  I don't like it when they treat dolphins poorly.  im there.
Moon:  Sam Rockwell, & creepy 2001 sci fi story?  nuff said!  im there.
The Road:  Cormac McCarthy's book made for silver screen.  Best book i read last year, its like Mad Max but no car.  End of the world, and a dad is protecting his son.  Totally There.
Shutter Island:  maybe a stretch here, but its like Wicker Man w/ a crazy house.  Creepy "you'll never escape" type shit.  Maybe a renter, but i bet it still rules.  No reason to waste my time writing about dogshit.  Ill be reviewing more B movies as the week goes by.  Stay tuned for Euro Tour pixx, and Guarden Thorr is back in the states working on a Mastodon/VT Tour Video that should be out this week as well.  Bon Swa!

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