Monday, June 22, 2009

bad/awesome flixxx review: 2019- After the Fall..., Revenge of the Ninja

been catching up on some of those other B flicks i've been downloading.  the first one that i watched is called "2019: After the Fall of New York".  The Euracs (coalition of europe, asia, and africa) have destroyed the US w/ a nuclear weapon.  The president is reforming the States secretly in Alaska.  This world is shit, so they are sending a bunch of dudes to a distant star to live.  But since no chicks can have babies anymore, the Pres enlists this dude Parcival to go to the remains of NYC (a la "Escape from New York") and find a rumored fertile babe.  Plenty of cyborgs, mutants, midgets, demolition derby fight to the deaths, rats, knights on horseback, and laser crossbow rifles to go around.  This one has it all.  Totally shitty and totally hilarious.  Recommended.

the next flick i checked out was a childhood favorite of Voiden and Lucian Thorr.  Its called "Revenge of the Ninja".  This one's about a dude who's whole family gets slaughtered back home except for his son, so a business partner convinces him to get away from the old country and move to the US to become an art dealer?!?  Anyway, without spoiling the whole thing, the ninja gets his US life ruined and figures out who the real bad guy is, and decides he needs revenge.  The dialogue is shit, but the action scenes are amazing.  Including the one where the ninja art dealer sees these dudes stealing these statues out of his art gallery.  a 20 minute fight scene starts and this dude ends up getting dragged down the street by a fucking van, and still kicks the shit out of all the thugs.  Totally Awesome.  Bonus cameo by Oddjob from 007 as a rapist henchman.

more of these coming soon.  and if anyone gives a shit, i'm having an awesome time in France.


  1. 2019: After the Fall of New York is totally not amazing. I agree with your review. It was like Esacpe from LA meets some futuristic end of the world movie.

  2. not amazing, but totally shitty and totally hilarious, yes. at least the way the fight scenes were edited. its terrible. but, that's what makes it good. some of the flips in the air out of the blue make me roll with laughter.