Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Thriller: A Cruel Picture (or "They Call Her One Eye") (1974)

Alahoyus everyone. Today, I tackled a monster of a horrible flick. Horrible because it was horrible, and horrible because what happens to the chick in the movie is pretty heinous to boot. The first movie ever banned in Sweden, Broskeeto's and a's, I give you THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE. (the trailer is for the dubbed for English version renamed THEY CALL HER ONE EYE.)

I had heard about this flick for quite some time after the release of KILL BILL, b/c it was supposedly a big influence on Tarantino's double feature. THRILLER just so happens to be the nastiest femme fatale rape and revenge flick I've ever seen. Its so rough, that when they dubbed it in in English, they took most of the penetration scenes out and renamed it. The story goes that there's this little girl, and she's running up to this old dude in the park... He picks her up, swings her around in the air in slow motion, and then blood starts coming out of his mouth. Then they arrest him. Simple as that. You don't even know what happened until the next scene, fast forward 15 years, and she's selling milk on her parents farm to gossiping old ladies who say, "isnt it a shame how she was raped 15 years ago. and also isn't it horrible that now she's mute." Yeah its that bad. So she actually has no dialogue throughout the whole movie. Her old man goes, "why don't you catch the bus and take the weekend off". She misses the bus and is picked up by the slick dude who takes her out for drinks. Then he takes her home and drugs her. Then she wakes up 3 days later, tries to run away, he knocks her out and drugs her again. When she wakes up again, its been over a week, and he tells her she's hooked on heroin and he'll give her 2 hits a day to survive as long as she does what she's told. She tries to split again. Then she's too weak to get away, the cycle begins again. When she wakes up for her first "assignment", she's to pork this old dude, but she scratches his face all up. Then the pimp dude comes in and cuts out her eye. So she complies. She meets the other chick, who's been there a while... Then she starts saving her bread, and takes karate lessons, driving lessons, shooting lessons, and hand to hand combat from some army dudes. (No word on how or why she's being let split from her fuck cave). Then one day the pimp dude says the other chick left for Beirut, but One Eye goes to the chicks room and the bed's covered in blood. Then more training, then more sex. Then more training, then more sex. Then over weeks, and weeks and montage after montage of dirty, D grade porn penetration shots and her getting beaten up by johns (and a "jane") intermitten with her training to kill all these dudes, she buys a car and a bunch of skag to last her, and then goes about her business of killing. I won't ruin that skree, but hear me out, there are some pretty weird scenes that come up. The choice of slow motion for all the killing is very strange. I reminds me a bit of peckinpah, but they go on for SOOOO long... there's seriously a 6 or 7 minute slow motion scene of an ass kicking she gives some cops just so she can steal their cop car. The blood spurting out of the mouths kind of reminds me of the slo-mo shots that guy ritchie used in SNATCH. Was it worth it? Yeah, I always like to see the really bad guys fucking die horrible deaths, but the end is kinda weak, and left me with a few questions. Really, if I had it to do over again, I wouldve watched the dubbed version and not had to see the gratuitous stuff... not that i don't enjoy dirty things... but this was some really awfully shot love making. stay classy.


  1. Now this looks promising. I got to see this one.

  2. I've been a huge Christina Lindberg fan for many years now. If yer into Swedish softcore sleaze and smut at all I recommend checking out Maid in Sweden, Exposed, & Anita: Confessions of a Teenage Nymphet. Also she stars in the Norifumi Suzuki Samurai/Bondage flick Sex and Fury... tons of blood and nudity, 5 stars for sure.