Monday, April 4, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: The Day the World Ended (1956)

"Rick, if there's no way out, use that gun on Louise."- Jim

"I just can't help it, I have this uncontrollable urge to eat meat. Red... raw... meat." - Radek

"Man created him and God destroyed him, He brought the rain and the clean air. "- Louise

Caught this guy on a late night friday horror fest thing on AMC. Reminded me a lot of the old flicks they used to do on MST3K.
They actually may have done this one. I don't know. Not the best, and not the worst. This was actually Roger Corman's 4th movie, and his first foray into cheese sci-fi horror.

This is the story of seven people who've somehow managed to survive a nuclear holocaust. A navy vet and his hot daughter, some dude, another dude, an old man, and a greaser and his older stripper girlfriend. There's a terrible amount of fallout in the form of steaming mist blowing around at the top of a canyon next to the house they've all gathered in. Immediately the Navy vet says the women have to start having children!!

It seems like they are figuring out what to do throughout the whole movie. Almost every scene inside of the house starts with the stripper with one hand on her hip dancing a little jig and shaking it beside of an old victrola style turntable. Her boyfriend is a fucking jerk and he's always sitting at this desk, but it never shows what he's doing. Keeping busy I guess. He also gets the hots for the hot young daughter. The navy dude wants to set his daughter up with the clean cut guy though. That pisses the greaser off, and alerts his stripper as to his dirty intentions.

So this one guy Ravek, he gets slimed or something and basically gets a starfish of radiation on his face and starts sleeping all day, partying all night and eating wild rabbits and drinking blood. Stuff like that. He says he feels weird and then he can walk through the mist that will otherwise kill the rest of them. He says he has to come back though because there is another up there on the top of the cliffs that is his enemy. Then the chicks go swimming and they're being spied on by this creature or something out in the woods.

Supposedly there are hints throughout the flick that the monster is actually the hot daughters boyfriend who got swamped with radiation. She keeps looking at an old picture of him, and he keeps calling her by name psychically and all that. Anyway, the jealous guy tries to put the moves on the daughter but he gets a good ass kicking and then he knows the goody goody guy won't kill him, so he just keeps pushing his luck. Finally he was going to kill the goody goody, but the navy vet scientist guy shoots him first. Then the goody goody tells the vet the good news, that RAIN kills the monsters. FUCKING RAIN!! oh and then the vet dad dies in their arms. bummer. Oh yeah, there was an old man who made moonshine who had a donkey too. I think he died too. Maybe earlier than that. Def earlier. Skip it.

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