Friday, June 24, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: Street Trash (1987)

"Here's to ya pussy!"- bum

"Now this old honky skin, white, snitch-ass mother fucker tells you something and you say "Come with me!" Now you're taking her word over mine! Now that's descrimination. Now why don't you just pull down your pants so we can all see the lilly white paint on your Hatian black ass?"- Burt

"Hey, com'on, I read like old people fuck."- Bill the cop

One of the most awesome gross out flicks of all time. Here you have a low budget horror comedy about the alcoholic homeless living in a junkyard in the lower east side in the late 80s. Filmed completely in the grime and slime of the streets, if the horrible ways these bums die doesn't make you cringe, the actual scum of the street should. The greatest film that Troma never made, "Fat" Pat Ryan and a cast of unknowns in STREET TRASH!!!

Two brothers are living in a squat they've built for themselves in a local junkyard. The older brother Fred gets up to no good all the time. He's a thief and is constantly on the run from dudes trying to beat the shit out of him. The younger brother is just "bummed" about being a bum. He'd do anything to bang the Asian chick who works at the junkyard owned by Troma regular Pat Ryan. As of right now, Fred's only want and need in life is another pint of booze.

Enter Liquor store owner Ed, another fat greedy asshole pedaling his shit to the bums as cheap as he can, all in order to make another buck. He's digging down in his basement and uncovers a box of pints called Venefly Viper that are over 60 years old. He marks them a buck a piece and takes them upstairs for the masses. Unbeknownst to him, the Viper has gone bad and whenever anyone takes a drink of it, they immediately go septic and start melting into a rainbow of slimy colors.

The brothers and their bum friends are also having to deal with this crazy vietnam vet named Bronson that lives in the dump and beats the shit out of everyone if not actually murdering them. He constantly has flashbacks and holds court openly in the dump surrounded by his cohorts and his own .... well, "fuck wench" for lack of a better term. There's this dude Bill the cop who is trying to find out what is happening and he has an assumption that all the deaths are coming from down at the dump. So he decided to go investigate by himself. While being a badass that actually walks the walk as much as he talks the talk, he ends up proving to be no match for Bronson's femur knife.

Eventually Fred figures out that the Viper is the thing thats killing all the bums and witnesses a few of the grizzly deaths for himself. After tricking his nemesis Wizzy into drinking some to kill himself, Fred decides to go alert Ed as to whats happening so he won't sell anymore. Too late! BOOOOM Ed's guts go flying! This leaves Fred, whatever his little brother's name is, and the Asian girlfriend to somehow kill Bronson before its all too late. Honestly, I'm guessing that the Viper bad liquor plot is supposed to be the main plotline, however, I guess it doesn't really matter, its like they needed to fill out the plot with some other storyline to get a whole movie. Theres also a subplot about a gangster who's girl gets murdered down at the dump and Pat Riley bangs her after she's dead. And then there's a 10 MINUTE SCENE OF HOMELESS DUDES PLAYING "KEEPAWAY" WITH ONE DUDE'S FUCKING WEINER!!!!! Either way, none of that takes away from this being a 10 out of 10 gross o rama. Highly Recommended. This one is BAD and AWESOME.

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  1. The main man from Frankenhooker is also in this. He plays the doorman in that weird tertiary plotline.