Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

"I think I'm okay now. I just tell my brain when I know I'm hurting. I just say I got nothing for you buddy... Nothing to make it go away, so just go to hell. And he goes. He's like a brother to me now and brothers fight sometimes."- Hobo

"Lock him up with the sodomites and get me the goddamn chief of police!"- Hobo

"When life gives you razor blades... you make a baseball bat, covered in razor blades."- Drake

I've been waiting for a resurgence of over the top, poorly made, or well made, or made to look poorly made exploitation movies for a long long time. It seems that with the nod from Rodriguez and Tarantino, these films are actually coming together, and being well produced! This film was made in Nova Scotia where one of my favorite television comedy series of the last ten years, Trailer Park Boys, was filmed. They used a few of the cast members in cameos as well. Apparently made after wining a fake trailer contest at SXSW, here's a true indie film that delivers with a big bang. Rutger Hauer's excellent return to the big screen w/ cameos by Ricky and Sam Losco from TPB, I give you: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!!!

Rutger Hauer is a hobo who's seen it all, had enough, been through hell and back and has hopped the rails hopefully for the last time. He ends his journey in Hope Town, although the gravity spray painted over the sign making it read Scum Town doesn't sound very hopeful. The hobo dreams of buying a lawnmower so that he can start a business for himself and start earning and start living. All his hopes are shattered though when he discovers that shambles that Hope Town is in. For starters, he sees a man filming bums fighting, & they offer him money to get in on the action. Next up he sees Ricky from TPB running down the street screaming for help with a manhole cover around his neck. A car drives up and his brother Drake is there with Logan's (Ricky's) nephews Ivan and Slick. Logan screams for mercy, but they drop him in a manhole, tie a rope around his neck and pull his head off. The hobo is sickened as no one does anything. Apparently Drake and his sons run the town that they lovingly refer to as Fuck Town.

After seeing the lawn mower he want is 49.99, the hobo starts to beg. After getting humiliated by some dickhead crustpunks, he follows Ivan & Slick into some kind of fucked up arcade where people are being tortured and they are hooking kids on cocaine. A whore tries to help some kid, & Slick is gonna kill her, but the Hobo stops him, citizen's arrest and takes him in to the cops who turn out to be just as crooked as Slick. They carve SCUM into his chest and luckily he runs into the whore and she takes him in and he tells her a story about a bear. He also tells her she should be a teacher instead of a whore.

The hobo leaves her place early, goes to the camera guy, breaks bottles on his own head and eats glass, then gets the money for the lawn mower. But while he's about to buy it, some thugs start to rob the pawn shop and threaten a lady and her kid. He looks up at the wall a la Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction and the answer is written on the wall. 49.99 for a shotgun. He blows them all away, PAYS FOR THE SHOTGUN, then goes and shoots the fucking guy who made him eat glass in the face after he makes him eat the tape! Then he starts cleaning up the town, really pissing Drake off. Drake makes his son go after him, they kill some kids and instruct everyone to kill all the homeless people in town or they'll kill more kids.

So everyone is out to get the hobo, homeless people are dying horrible deaths, but once again, the hobo saves the whore. Ivan and Slick find out where she lives, come to kill her and the hobo, but the hobo gets the better of them, blowing Slick's wiener off, and chasing Ivan home. But not before they slit the whore's throat. Drake is super pissed, so he called for the twin gimps called the Plague. They come out to find the hobo at the hospital where the whore is recovering and they start hanging everyone. They kidnap the hobo and take him to Drake who puts him on some goddamned tv show, that is probably all just made up in this psychopaths head. He thinks he has the town on his side, but Abby the whore, after getting her throat split open, SOMEHOW ALL ALONG KNEW HOW TO USE MIG AND TIG WELDERS, and she takes apart the lawn mower, AND BUILDS A FUCKING SPINNING BLADE SHIELD. Yeah right! She was a whore! When did she have time to take all those shop classes?? Anyway, Why spoil the ending here? YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BUY THIS NOW. Why not? Get it from itunes, or purchase a hard copy. It came out July 5th on blu ray, and dvd. Word Up.

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  1. Watched this flick when it was on Amazon streaming before it hit theaters. There was a lot they did right in this one. I like that the brothers each look like a different era Tom Cruise. That the payment for killing the hobo isn't money, it's all of Drake's "bitches." I loved the mystery that is "The Plague." I love the great job Rutger Hauer did as the hobo(best since Blade Runner, IMO). Then there is the great dialog that you referred to. And above all that the movie has heart. Definitely a great movie for the jaded exploitation fan. The bar has now been raised.