Monday, December 5, 2011

Rocknowledgy episode 17 is up now!! on iTunes & elsewhere!!

Alahoyus YALLLL. This is episode 17. Feeling like an animal and laying around on a heating pad all week after getting in a wreck, Valient decides to wreck your ears with some crushing jams this week. He is good, his back and neckbone have been better. But he will LIVE to rock again!! Posi vibes to you guys from Valient and the T-6000. Here we go!

Rocknowledgy is available NOW RIGHT HERE!! and later today on iTunes!!!

Episode 17 Playlist:
intro by T-6000,
Budgie- Breadfan,
The Soft Boys- Insanely Jealous,
Bad Brains- Stay Close To Me,
Radio Birdman- Aloha Steve and Danno,
Jimmy and Johnny- I Can't Find The Doorknob,
Deadguy- Pins and Needles,
Honey & The Bees- Love Addict,
Ram Jam- Let It All Out,
Blonde Redhead- Chi e' e non e',
Devo- Buttered Beauties,
We Ragazzi- I Forever Surrender 2 U,
T2- In Circles,
Standstill- Ride Down The Slope,
T-6000 outro,
Judas Priest- One For The Road

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