Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rocknowledgy episode 22 is up now!! on iTunes & elsewhere!!

Alahoyus once again true believers! Its ROCKNOWLEDGY deuce deuce! YA KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT! We dug out some wild gems this week. Some PiL and some Pet Shop Boys, and an awesome track by a band called Room. Hope you dig it, as always, feel free to call us for weird requests, nerd shit, waxing philosophically, or just for advice. 850 583 6871. leave a message. OK, much to do, much to do said the white rabbit.

You can download this episode HEEEERRRRRREEEEEEE and also itll be on iTunes free later today. word.

Episode 22 playlist:
Intro by T-6000,
Weird War- Grand Fraud,
Public Image Ltd.- Public Image,
The Flying Burrito Brothers- Christine's Tune,
Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls,
Ricky Nelson- Travelin' Man,
John Cale & Lou Reed- Nobody But You,
Nig Heist- Balls of Fire,
Blue Oyster Cult- The Red And The Black,
Newcleus- Jam On It,
Slough Feg- High Passage/Low Passage,
Guided By Voices- Everywhere With Helicopter,
Frank Black- Two Reelers,
Room- Pre-Flights Parts I & II,
Outro by T-6000,
Motorhead- Lost Johnny

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