Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rocknowledgy episode 23 is up now!! on iTunes & elsewhere!!

yo yo yo bo bo. Alahoyus once again and welcome to the 23rd episode of Valient Himself's Rocknowledgy. We are well on our way now ladies and gents. Now its time to get weird. Thanx for your patronage. Keep circling the tapes.

Go here here here here here to get the mp3, and/or check iTunes later for it to upload. werd berd.

Rocknowledgy Episode 23 playlist:
Intro by T-6000,
Red Fang- Wires,
Big Star- O My Soul,
Ghost- Ritual,
The Attack- Feel Like Flying,
Stephen Moore (Marvin The Martian)- Reason's To Be Miserable,
WAX- Who Is Next?,
Arlo Guthrie- Motorcycle Song,
The Dwarves- I Will Deny,
Billy Bragg- A New England,
Funkadelic- Baby I Owe You Something Good,
Paul Giovanni- Maypole Song,
Jerry Reed- Tupelo Mississippi Flash,
Anvil- Mothra,
Food And Shelter- Surveillance,
T-6000 outro,
(the) Melvins- The Water Glass

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  1. Here's some request; Action Patrol, Alabaster, more Fugazi and check out the Mountain Goats (start with all hail West Texas)