Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rocknowledgy episode 25 AND 26 are up!! 2 Eps this week!!

yo everyone! Sorry for the delay last week. I didn't have internet. So this week you get TWO episodes!! This first one counts as last weeks! Sorry for the delay homies! Just sit back and relax and these jams will make it all better. Be sure to download Ep 26 as well! Cheers!


Episode 25 playlist:

Intro by T-6000,
Zipper- Bullets,
Vaz- Elastik C,
Lee Hazelwood- I'm Glad I Never...,
The Pop Group- She Is Beyond Good And Evil,
Ween- The Stallion Part 3,
Groundhogs- Body Talk,
Funkadelic- Super Stoopid,
Graveyard- Blue Soul,
Peter Tosh- Mystic Man,
The Litter- Journeys,
David Crosby- Traction In The Rain,
Quix*o*tic- Sitting In The Park,
Gary Numan/Tubeway Army- Are Friends Electric?,
Desperate Bicycles- Smokescreen,
Enforcer- Speed Queen,
Outro by T-6000
The Flow- Searchin'

Episode 26 Playlist:

Intro by T-6000,
Rocket From The Tombs- What Love Is,
Gentle Giant- In A Glass House,
Minutemen- Cut,
Pere Ubu- Dub Housing,
Frank Zappa- Son of Orange County,
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists- Timorous Me,
Harvey Milk- Shame,
Dinosaur Jr.- Start Choppin',
Frank Black- Freedom Rock,
Golden- Napenda Judy (Lakini Bad),
Edgar Broughton Band- Freedom,
Outro by T-6000,
Mercyful Fate- Curse of the Pharaohs

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  1. I'm sure your busy, V- anticipating the next installment! Really dig the show!