Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rocknowledgy episode 27 is up now!! Special Valient-ine's Day ep!!

YAW. How lovey can you get? This is your sexual chocolate filled episode straight up hot off the presses. Listen to it in the bedroom, under the covers. WE LOVE/LUST AFTER YOU. PACE.

You can get this ep for free heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrre right now!

Episode 27 Valient-ine's Day Special Playlist:

intro by T-6000,
Sex- Love is a Game,
Alice Cooper- Be My Lover,
Frank Zappa- Dirty Love,
Devo- Love is Stronger Than Dirt,
The Kinks- Who'll Be the Next in Line?,
The Mamas and The Papas- Dedicated To The One I Love,
Nomeansno- Real Love,
Buck Owens- If You Fall Out Of Love With Me,
Black Flag- I Love You,
The Sweet- Honeysuckle Love,
Lee Fields & The Expressions- Love Comes and Goes,
Lee Hazlewood- Must Have Been Something I Loved,
Wipers- Telepathic Love,
The Saints- Story of Love,
Velvet Underground- We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time,
Nig Heist- Love In Your Mouth,
Unknown Hinson- Love On Command,
outro by T-6000,
Wayne Kramer & The Pink Fairies- Do You Love Me?

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