Friday, August 17, 2012

Rocknowledgy Episode 34 is finally up and ready!!!

alahoyus broskeetos, brollums, hombres, Thorriors, Rocknowledgists, and wayward wastelanders!! Its been a long time and I don't want to hold you up from this heavy set of killer jams! I'm super proud of this episode as being on the road and at home for a sec allowed me to dig HARD through the archives and find a bunch of relatively unknown OLD local, regional and national stuff to share with you. I have some older deep cuts and some brand new stuff for you from Torche!!! and Turbonegro!! A really badass mix and some major NC love representin'. Ok, enough jabberin, I'll let you get to it.
You can download or stream the episode HERE or get it over at iTunes! either way---

Valient and the T-6000

Episode 34 playlist:
Intro by T6K,
April Wine- Say Hello,
Danava- White Nights of Murder,
Need New Body- Beach,
Creta Bourzia- Marijuana Trajedy,
Andromeda- Too Old,
2013 Wolves- TrenchSinner$MoneyHype,
Those Poor Bastards- Crooked Man,
The Curtains of Night- Golden Arrows,
Fun Things- Lipstick,
Andre Nickatina- The Al Capone Suite,
The Lumps- Homework From Hell,
Torche- Reverse Inverted,
Turbonegro- You Give Me Worms,
The Ladderback- Shoestrings and Chainrings,
The Cadets- Blessed Are The Untravelled,
Outro- T6K,
The High Numbers- Leavin' Here

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