Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Limited Edition Prints for sale!!!

Hey everyone. I've got brand new prints from my art show LIVIN' FOR THE $ITY, hand numbered and signed in a limited edition of 50. I'm selling them 2 different ways:
A) 25 sets of all 6 are available for only $50, OR
B) 25 sets are split into SERIES #1 and SERIES #2 - 3 different prints each = $30.

If you want them get them now because they'll go fast. Just write to me (smokedoggg at gmail dot com). I'll have you paypal the money to the same address, but write to me first to make sure they are still available.

If you want to choose a set of 3, let me know if you want the 3 three on the left (SERIES #1) or the three on the right (SERIES #2)!


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