Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rocknowledgy Episode 35 is up up up!!!!

Alahoyus Thorriors, Rocknowledgists, True Believers, and other assorted various characters!!! Time now for the 35th episode of Rocknowledgy. I made this episode at the beach just hours before succumbing to either a) one vicious fucking 24 hour virus that resonated for twice that long, or b) the most volatile, violent, and vociferous vomiting sesh of food poisoning I've ever encountered. THIS WAS HEAVY SHIT. Thankfully that is over, and a full morning of sun up surfing did my body (and my hair)- just right. I'm feeling great, and I hope you are too! Me and the T-6000 already have Episode 36 half cobbled together too, so you won't have to wait so long betwixt this time. Either way, a lot of these are long ass jams and that equals our longest show yet.... More soon! Enjoy!

download or stream here or get from iTunes later today!!!

Episode 35 playlist:
 T6K intro,
Hot Snakes- Retrofit,
Coven- White Witch of Rose Hall,
 TSOL- Code Blue,
 Orion- Honey,
 Lecherous Gaze- Scorpion,
 The O'Jays- Ship Ahoy,
 UFO- Doctor Doctor,
 Action Patrol- P.C.A.,
 Easy Star All-Stars- Thriller (MJ cover),
 Uriah Heep- All My Life,
 Glass Candy- Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover),
 Colossus- Jihad! Jihad!,
 New Order- All the Way,
 T6K outro,
 Sonny Stitt- Old Folks

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