Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Counting Crows on Twitter? Count me OUT.

so, ive explored the twitter. im into it, but come on. If you go to the little thing that says "suggested twitterers" or whatever they call them, if you scroll all the way down, it has one for Counting Crows. and the description says "adam's updates from the road". Now, I realize how fucked it is for me to make fun of this, seeing as how that's EXACTLY what i'm doing, but come on!! Do we really need to know about this guy's fucking mani/pedis? How interesting could this dudes life really be? I don't wanna read about the fucking Counting Crows, i dont wanna read about the Gin Blossoms, or toad the wet sproket or Cracker, or Fuel, or the Spin Doctors or hooty blowfish, or even Collective Soul... I dont give a shit how insightful they may be, i dont need to know what they had for lunch, i dont wanna know about a reunion, and i definitely don't EVER wanna hear MR JONES again. There is SO much terrible music that has ALMOST left our memories, can we PLEASE let it go. PLEASE.
Dear Record Industry, Do you wanna know why no one sells records anymore? Because you sign and push SHIT. You pay radio stations to PLAY shit, and everyone KNOWS they all SUCK SHIT, so they stopped buying records, and started stealing the goods off the net so they could save bread there AND on gas. its win/win for the consumer, and its YOUR fault.
Im sorry, but I will not be "following" "adam's" updates from the road. I will however be updating how pissed i get about these further issues on my own twitter account. keep em comin gleep-glop.


  1. For the obsessed...it is fun.

  2. Agreed! I hadn't heard Counting Crows in years and had happily forgotten them until this post. Grr.. :P I love Twitter. So simple but so damn addictive!

  3. you forgot Third Eye Blind ; )

  4. Gimme another one of those space beers Gleep-Glop!