Sunday, May 31, 2009

yet another painting in process part 2

here is more on the meat market painting.  Not sure if this one is finished or not.  At one time, I would let the underpainting come to the surface more.  I haven't been doing that as much lately.  I guess I get obsessed with the details.  Partly because that is where i often find significance.  So, I'm not sure if i'm finished here, or overdone, or what, but it seems to be @ a  good place, so I stop for now, and take a look at it when we get back from Europe.


  1. I'm loving your paintings, man. They're very cool. I wish I could make out the words that make up the base. Are they lyrical perchance? mayhaps some poetry? What medium do you use, ink on watercolor? Toodles.

  2. awesome ~ DETAILS ~ it's in 'em!!!