Friday, May 22, 2009

Why does everything have to be so hard OR why ITUNES is fucking up bad.

I just looked up Scorpions "Sails of Charon" on Itunes.  Guess what?  They don't have it.  Well, this should come as no surprise to a lot of you.  They basically have fuck all on there.  The thing that really gets me is, in a world where you don't want anyone to steal your fucking music online, why in the world would artists not have their big jams on the #1 site that people purchase jams from???  And I hear ya, saying that "sails of Charon" is a big Scorpions jam is quite a stretch of the imagination.  BUT... i'll give you a few more examples.  Glenn Frey.  Yes, the fucking Eagles guy.  Ever hear of a little jam called "The Heat is on?"  Well, by my clock, its the end of May, and the heat is on, its on the street, but its no where near Itunes Store.  WHOA!!! TWO GIANT FUCKING BEES just flew in the window!!!!  Hold up...........  Ok.. I just febrezed the shit out of them.  I don't like normal bees, but these motherfuckers were HUGE.  wow.  Words could describe them, but you guys are too busy twittering and faceing and spacing to actually care that i couldve just ended up in the emergency room.  Anyway, Lindsay Buckingham.  What could i possibly be looking him up for on Itunes??  "Holiday Road" that's what.  And, c'mon Lindsay!  I don't want your "check out my career" Live version from some big hall in Europe somewhere.  I want the fucking real version straight off the "Vacation" soundtrack.  How could these dudes not have their two biggest selling jams on this service??  They probably don't even know.  But their goddamned managers oughta have their asses kicked.  Ill bet my ass that BOTH of those jams sell 500 singles in the first week.  Ok, i'm over it.  BUT- ONE MORE THING:
Who does ZZ TOP think they are????  How can they charge $1.29 for "Got me under Pressure"??  I mean, yeah sure, when you go back on tour after a hiatus, you're definitely going to have a jump in sales but who told them that THAT song is worth 40 CENTS more than ANY other song in the HISTORY of songs????  Its a great jam, but come on!  Its no Manic Mechanic.
Ya feel me out there??


  1. I know it's lame as hell, but I can get the entire Eliminator album with Got Me Under Pressure for free with mah Zune Pass. $15 a month and I can download the entire album without paying a dime. There are 11 songs on that album, so what, I just got $14+ in music.

    Then, the magical thing is that I can go on and download EVERY SINGLE ZZTOP ALBUM with the same $15. Then keep 10 of them permanently. So yeah, it's only renting the music technically, but for $5 a month in the end it's a fucking sweet deal.

    Only problems: Zunes are the butt of a billion jokes, and they're Windows only.

  2. I hear ya, but I haven't used iTunes in awhile. Last time I checked, it's not DRM-free, so they make it a pain in the ass to use the mp3s. That's why eMusic is suiting me well right now...even though the only Thorr stuff are a couple live recordings from '04.