Thursday, January 20, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: The Boy Who Could Fly (1986)

"You don't date retards, It's just not done..."- Geneva

"ain't no water in this water gun"
"oh yeah, well what's in it?"
"piss!"- Louis to Bully

Lemme go ahead and point out what a godawful teaser trailer this is. You can't even find the original trailer online. It just ain't happening. I searched. None of the fucking actors are even in this trailer! As a matter of fact, some other chick does one of Lucy Deakins lines! That's sacrilege in my opinion. Of course, I only had a crush on her since I was about 7. Remember The Great Outdoors? She played the "everyone comes here, and then leaves, I'm too tuff" girl at the mountain camp resort. Anyway... Also you have a young Fred Savage, McLane's wife from Die Hard as the mom, Herman Munster as a drunk uncle, and Jay Underwood (Johnny Storm from Corman's Fantastic Four) as Eric Gibb, an autistic kid who thinks he can fly. Or maybe he knows it? Anyway, spoiler warning here: He only speaks like 6 words in the entire film! All he did was look at the ground and hold his hands up like an airplane, so no one knew how bad of an actor he really was. Lucky asshole. Got to smooch Deakins. Oh yeah, PLUS Natalie from the Facts of Life plays the nosy, know-it-all, eat your fries kind of neighbor friend. The trailer gives you no hint at what this is about, but whatever, all those people star in THE BOY WHO COULD FLY!!!

So, if you haven't seen this flick then you should probably check it out. Its the story of a family who's patriarch offs himself after he finds out he has cancer. Then they move to a new town and move in beside of this autistic boy. The kids have their first day of school and the mom is going back to work to make bread for the family. Milly the daughter and the lead pretty much runs the show at the house caring for her GI Joe obsessed little brother, and cooking meals for them because the mom is barely holding shit together.

Pretty soon Millie notices that everyone treats Eric Gibb differently cause he's autistic and doesn't really give a shit about anyone else or anything but flying apparently. She falls for him and it takes her the rest of the movie to figure out what to do about it. Can he really fly or is it all bullshit? Will the CPA come and take Eric away from the drunk uncle? Will Louis every be able to ride his big wheel around the block without the bullies fucking with him? Watch the movie and see. This is an incredibly long movie actually. The average flick clocking in at 98 minutes, this one soars in at a full 2 hours. Good for nostalgia though if its been years since a viewing. Had been YEARS since I saw this. Favorite scenes by far are the Fred Savage bully scenes. He's seen here in his pre-Wonder Years days. Probably what landed him the role truthfully. check it out.

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  1. Whoa...I didn't even remember that was Fred Savage! I just remember the GI Joes. Been a long time since I saw this one. Gonna have to check it out again.