Friday, January 7, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review/theater: Band of the Hand (1986)

Alahoyus everyone! Here today I present to you our second installment of BAD/AWESOME FLIXXX THEATER! This movie is not available through netflix, but Crackle posted it, and I'm psyched to say that right here from the site, you can view the whole thing in its entirety for FREE!! Word up! okay. So... the deal with this one is it was supposed to be a pilot for a new show by Michael (Miami Vice) Mann. You'll notice some characters like Izzy and a few others popping up in support roles. The story is about 5 teenage kids who are arrested at the beginning of the movie. A cuban drug kid, a black guy and a puerto rican guy who were rival gang members, a weird white guy who escapes a lot, and a young kid who killed his dad. They can't survive in the current juvie prison system, so they are chosen for this native american guy's new program and taken deep into the everglades to shape up and pass his tests. When they do that, they are taken to Miami to see if they can clean up a corner run by a shitty drug pimp played by a young Lawrence Fishburne (that's 2 for him this week). He answers to a higher up bad guy drug lord who you'll notice as the cocky guy from the Warriors who gets locked up. sick. Plus it has a badass original song by Bob Dylan that is not on any of his albums. The whole soundtrack is good actually. Couldn't find the trailer online, but there was one because its on the DVD copy I have. oh well. Hope you dig this one! Lemme know in the comments what you think! And tell yer friends. Just enter your bday below and you'll be able to view it! thanx and enjoy BAND OF THE HAND!!!

Band of The Hand

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  1. Holy shit! Thank you for this! Haven't seen this flick in about 20 years!