Saturday, March 26, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review: Night of the Demons (1988)

"Eat a bowl of fuck! I am here to PARTY! "- Stooge

"Rotton Pig Trash! Been out all night huh?"- Old man

"Where the FUCK is the GODDAMN gate??!?"- Rodger

"Now go tell that pretty little piece you call your sister that handsome hung Sal is here, and tell her I brung my pet snake for her to play with."- Sal

Here we go with a total classic. This is the kind of movie that this vloggg was specifically made for. I deviate from time to time because the lines are blurred anyway in life and art, but this is it. From the animated credits and awesome score at the very beginning to the creepy/hilarious epilogue ending and ensuing final end credit 80s jam, this film is the pure true essence of 80s cheese and schlock horror camp. A lot of these films end up being a chore to watch, but this was a pleasure. Such a weird film with some great dialogue. A bunch of nobodies in a film by Joe Augustyn and Kevin S. Tenney.

So, this one starts out with a trio of friends driving around (in a car that reminds me of classic teenager flick cars like the mirthmobile in Wayne's World or the BOC ride from Stoned Age) on Halloween terrorizing a neighborhood and trying to make their way to a Halloween party. Then we cut to a chick (Judy) trying to help the old man, but he's just an old asshole. He has a bag of razorblades to put in apples a laughs like an old maniac. Judy then runs home and starts getting ready for her date with the preppy Jay. This bully dude Sal shows up trying to muscle his way in, but her lil brother runs interference spilling the beans that she's not going to the dance but going to a party at the Hull House which is a creepy old mortuary out in the sticks somewhere. There's also a creepy scene where the brother jumps out of Judy's closet and comments on her nice rack. creepy.

Then we cut to this chick totally bent over some tide, and these 2 clerk dudes just melting into her exposed panties. This is Suzanne. Her friend Angela and her are throwing the party, and Suz is distracting the clerks while Angela steals everything they need to party down. When they are finished, Suzanne asks the clerks, "Do you guys have sour balls?" and they're like, "yes maam.", and she's like, "well that's too bad, I'll bet you don't get many blowjobs." And then she splits. Then the 3 in the car (Stooge, Helen, & Rodger) run off the road, and end up having to walk the last 2 miles to Hull house, because the other couples who drive by tell them to fuck off basically. Anyway, they get there and start to party.

So, they start to party and there must be a mention here of the soundtrack. Most of it is a creepy 80s horror score, but there are a few songs written by the director's brother i'm guessing, seeing as they have the same "Tenney" last name. The song "Computer Date" is fucking great. "The Beast Inside" is pretty rocking too. So they're partying and then someone suggests they have a "past lives seance". Then this demon that is living in the crematorium downstairs escapes into this world and goes into Suzanne's mouth.

After that you have a spread of the demon's spirit from Suz to Angela, and then the demon starts picking them off one by one. Much like many horror flicks, the chase lasts the rest of the movie, with lots of horror cliche's: dark rooms, a ventilation shaft, flashlights, titties (one scene in particular creeped ol Sadat Thorr out when Suzanne shoves a tube of lipstick into her nipple kinda outta no where), missing doors, falling, lots of darkness, etc, etc. Since this one is worth seeking out, I'll neglect to give you the full play by play. There were 2 sequels, and a remake last year which apparently sucked. Although it DID have Edward Furlong in it (and Shannon Elizabeth). Big up to Furlong for still looking like the Terminator kid. He pulled some kind of Gary Coleman/Peter Pan shit while no one was paying attention. Anyway, check it out. 2 boners up. Or 2 bonger's worth. Whatever.


  1. I am totally checking this one out! Gracias Valiente!

  2. Dude, this is a classic. Suzanne is none other than Linnea Quiqley, one of the top scream queens of all time! If you like her in this, you have got to see her crazy sexed-up punk rock character in Return of the Living Dead. The rest of the movie is pretty good also. One of the better B-movies from the '80s.

  3. i was always disappointed by how the main blonde chick never got nude. big error there, but fairly entertaining flick all in all.