Friday, September 23, 2011

ROCKNOWLEDGY episode 6 is up on ITunes!

Alahoyus everyone- ROCKNOWLEDGY episode 6 is up on ITunes w/ special guest Greg Hetson from Bad Religion/Circle Jerks and I introduce the T-6000, my robot super computer. Go download for free, and tell everyone!

Playlist for episode 6:

T-6000/Valient intro
Circle Jerks- Killing for Jesus
Interview w/ Greg Hetson
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Up Around the Bend
The Guess Who- It's My Pride
No Friends- Set in Your Ways
The Fall- DIY Meat
Oneida- Cold Rain & Snow (Grateful Dead cover)
Sparks- Angst in my Pants
Curved Air- Backstreet Luv
Silkworm- Couldn't You Wait?
Guided By Voices- Storm Vibrations
Leroy and the Drivers- The Sad Chicken
The Dillards (as the Darlins' w/ Andy Griffith)- Whoa Mule
Unsane- Against the Grain
Down By Law- Finally Here
The Kinks- So Long

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