Monday, September 5, 2011

Valient Himself's ROCKNOWLEDGY Podcast Episode: 4

Yo. It's Monday. Time for another episode of Rocknowledgy. I puked in front of the M&F bank the next morning halfway through this recording. Then we played in Portland and Seattle. Then i finished this in KCMO. I collected a LOT of air miles making this podcast. I hope you enjoy it. Here's the link:

download link is on the left, streaming link is on the bottom right!!! Enjoy!!

And just in case you missed them:

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Episode: 4- Playlist

Master's Apprentices- Catty
Liliput- Ain't You
Mikey Heppner- City of Tiny Lights (Frank Zappa cover)
Red Cross- Annette's Got the Hits
Greg Sage- Straight Ahead
Althea & Donna- Uptown Top Ranking
Captain Beefheart- White Jam
The Hellacopters- Throw Away Heroes
German Shepard- Arena Rock
Hasil Adkins- No More Hot Dogs
Love- A House is Not a Motel
Josef K- Sorry For Laughing
Humble Pie- the Sad Bag of Shakey Jake
Immortal Lee County Killers II- Nothing Hurts like My Back and Side
Flipper- Ever
Lou Reed- The Power of Positive Drinking
Alice Cooper- Beautiful Flyaway

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