Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rocknowledgy Double Jam Sesh!!! Two Episodes just for you!!!

Alahoyus troo believers! Its been months since I've had a podcast up! i don't want to hold you up from rocking, lots to tell, much to do. My present for you this year is 2 episodes in a row since I've been away so long. They aren't xmas episodes, if you want that, go back to episode 19. These are 2 new shows with jams cranked full throttle. This is part one, get it while its hot....

Episode 36 playlist:
T6K- intro,
Orang-utan- Chocolate Piano,
Everybody- Seeing Isn't Believing #2,
The Standells- Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White,
Status Quo- Spinning Wheel Blues,
Dag Nasty- Justification,
Irma Thomas- Ruler of My Heart,
Avail- Lombardy St.,
Biz Markie- Busy Doin' Nuthin',
Excelsior- My Posse Don't Do Homework,
Edgar Broughton Band- Evil,
George Kranz- Din Daa Da,
Saint Vitus- Born Too Late,
Funkadelic- Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock Music,
Donald Fagen- The Weather In My Head,
T6K- outro,
Wino- Adrift

You can download episode 36 heeeeerrrreeee and 37 as well...

AAAAANNNDDD happy holidaze from me and the T-6000! This is part 2 of our xmas gift to yall, the Thorriors and Rocknowledgists of the world. In this episode- I ANNOUNCE A CONTEST FOR YOU THE LISTENER TO CREATE A THEME SONG FOR ROCKNOWLEDGY!! Yes, listen, write, and record a theme song for Rocknowledgy, and I'll play them on the air! Contest ends Jan. 31st, so get crackin!. Oh, and yes we certainly crank more jams...

Episode 37 Playlist:
T6K intro,
Charisma- C. Rock,
English Dogs- Survival of The Fittest,
Sonic Youth- Jams Run Free,
The Convocation- Solitaire,
Annhilation Time- Imaginary Mirror,
Truth and Janey- Down the Road I Go,
Tweak Bird- Bunch O' Brains,
Excel- You're Life, My Life,
(the) Melvins- We Are Doomed,
76% Uncertain- Another,
The Dead Milkmen- Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch,
Cher- Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves,
Dragon Sound- Against The Ninja,
Tony T.S. McPhee- Dog Me Bitch,
The Gun Club- Sex Beat,
Polvo- Every Holy Shroud,
Chubb Rock- Treat 'Em Right

it can be downloaded at the above link!
AAAAANNNNDDDDD if you're looking for more stuff, I recently guested on two podcasts:

Blag from the Dwarves had me on his podcast:
the download link is on that page!!

and Doctor Foxmeat had me interview Elvira for his podcast!!:
the link to download is on that page.... word!!

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