Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dude dissolves 300 people in acid: A lesson in hyperfocusing & a reflection on the state of gruesome in North America

Man, the hits just keep on coming.  Talk about news that everyone likes to forget.  This guy, "The Stewmaker", just admitted to dissolving over 300 people in FUCKING ACID MAN!!!  He claims he did it for this new mysterious bigtime drug trafficker down in mehico named- El Teo.  I'm telling you, you just can't get better fodder for novels and movies than the real thing anymore.  But, they'll still be talking about the little Caylee girl for months and months, and I'm sorry, that's a heartbreaking tale.  Really it is.  But, we all know what happened there... Let the police collect the evidence and figure it out and move on to something else for a while.  I don't need Nancy Grace yelling in my face all night long about every nook and cranny of this case.  She's talked to the grandfather, the housesitter, she asked the fucking dog his opinion.  God, how does this woman have a television show?  Sorry.  What about the real shit?  Why do they hyperfocus on one story?  There have been hundreds of poor little baby girls and boys snatched up since this one...  How come no one is talking about the Chinese guy who decapitated and stabbed the chick at Virginia Tech last week?
And why the hell are so many exchange students killing people at Virginia Tech?
I just feel like our gruesomeness is picked and chosen for us, and i'm sick and tired of it.  All these stories have importance, but I will no longer let Nancy Grace decide what terrible heinous crime i need to know about night after night.  I never need to hear her voice again.
I guess the point here is, there are dudes out there that will stab you, chop your head off, and drown you in a vat of acid like we were in some kind of Vincent Price art house horror movie.  So watch your back, and try not to hyperfocus on any particular thing... its just not healthy.

Here's a bonus for ya:  Who ever thought that Iceland may be the first country in line to erupt into total chaos b/c of all this financial horsewash?

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