Sunday, January 11, 2009

let's make it official/ book recommendations.

just bought a 1973 oldmobile cutlass supreme.  so psyched.  lowest miles of any car ive ever had.  driving to charlotte today to put it in my name.  anyway, here's a list of things i've just finished reading and i recommend to you.
-reread Watchmen (alan moore) in anticipation for the new flick.  here's hoping it still comes out.
-Fables (bill willingham)- read the first 2 graphic novels.  great book to pick up if you've exhausted all the issues of Preacher and Y: the Last Man that ever came out.
-Swamp Thing (alan moore) thanx to tamara for suggesting this.  now ill be spending even more money on ebay.
-just picked up Punisher hardcover "welcome back frank" (ennis/dillon).  If you were a fan of Preacher, well here's the same dudes giving ol Frank Castle their treatment.
-Getting Even (woody allen)
alright.  have a great day true believers!

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  1. i'm sure i could make other suggestions that would make you spend money but i'll wait until you're done with swamp thing :)