Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inauguration ceremony *UPDATE* Worst Clusterfuck Ever...EVER.

wow.  i cannot explain to you in words how hectic shit got.  I was there ready to go @ 5:30.  No gates were opening til 7, which ended up being more like 8.  Around 9, i was deep in a line (crowd) of thousands storming one of the many gates.  See I was supposed to go in @ 1st street, but you couldn't go there, and furthermore all roads were closed w/ huge iron gates past the E crossstreet.  So, they kept sending everyone to 3rd and 7th, but neither were budging.  I didnt quite feel so bad when I saw none other than Chris Matthews from "Hardball" get denied rigth beside of me.  (See pic...)  The FBI/secret service guy said, "hey man, i love msnbc, but you've gotta go to 3rd or 7th just like everybody else."  I thought Matthews was gonna drop his fucking bagel.  He looked about as defeated as everyone else.  Then they said try to go around 14th (nope), then try heading around 1st, around the back of the capitol building (nope).  I mean dudes were paying 600 bucks a pop for these tix on ebay and craigs list.  And i just kept seeing people clutching theirs between their claws, and sweating and cursing their own stupidity.  When i finally DID get thru the iron bars, it was another hour wait to get checked by security, only to find out that when i emerged, i was stuck in the 9th circle of hell.  They had everything past pennsylvania ave blocked off for the parade route til after 11.  And between every street there were more huge iron gates.   After being sandwiched for some time, i truly wanted the fuck out of there.  I didnt care who i was supposed to meet, I just wanted out, but there were NO exits.  And the natives were getting restless.  Thousands started beating on the gates and screaming "let us in , let us in".  It was like something out of a zombie/holocaust movie.  The Zombies wanted in, and those who just waited almost 3 hours to get in there, suddenly wanted out.  But never the twain should meet.  I guess if i could sum up the morning in three words, they would be cold, blisters, and bootleggers.

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  1. Hey Man!
    is giving "sorry you didn't make it in gifts" to ticket holders who didn't.
    Your government at work... Awesome!!