Saturday, January 24, 2009

FDA FINALLY approves stem cell research

Funny how less than a week after the worst president in US history is out of office, the world starts progressing again. This couldve happened like five years ago... but once again, Bush used some backwards "politricks" to try to f everything up.  He said, sure you can go ahead and spend bread on researching this "stem cell" stuff, but then they quickly found out that only about 2 dozen lines would work.   You see, Bush said they could only research "already existing" lines.  So they appealed him, but he vetoed it their requests- TWICE.  So these dudes are going forward now, in an effort to learn more and quite possibly HELP people w/ spinal injuries, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's & diabetes.  I'll never get over people who want to stand in the way of "real magic".  I believe in science.


  1. We Believe In Science... I believe you made a song about that... hmmm...

    I've got all four albums baby.