Saturday, January 10, 2009

jam session

sometimes a little break is all you need to revitalize and get the juices flowing again.  Today was our first rehearsal (some people call it "practice") since Hawaii.  And don't get me wrong, after so many years on the road, its nice to chill back for a minute or two.  But, after a minute or two, i'm ready to rocknroll again.  Otherwise its just heaviness and getting roped into other people's drama, or actually realizing and having to deal with your own drama.  And i don't like that.  I don't like drama, and i don't like depression, and i don't like feeling lonely.  So, i was really excited to start jamming on some jams today for the Cover/charity show we are doing in Raleigh on Jan. 30th.  I can't tell you who we are playing as, b/c it'll spoil the whole deal, but I can tell you that jamming those jams was some of the most fun we've had in a loooong time.  Get ready for freddie, goddamn.

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