Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Four of the Apocalypse (1975)

a really amazing film. One of the last of the Italian or "Spaghetti" Western genre, made in 1975, Four of the Apocalypse was one of Lucio Fulci's top 2 favorite movies that he ever made according to him. Not a well known flick, this was made at the end of the popularity of such films and therefore didn't make that big of a splash. Also made a few years before Fulci made his full on dive into the splatter horror field, this film showed him exploring ideas of the undead speaking with humans, and them being thought of as crazy. It had a few wild ideas. But def a great showing. Fabio Testi, Michael J Pollard, and Tomas Milian star in Lucio Fulci's FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE!

This is the story of 4 strangers, coincidentally locked up at the same time in the same down on its luck "just about to be" ghost town. Stubby, Clem, Butt, and Bunny are a gambler, drunk, crazy mortician, and pregnant prostitute who narrowly escape being slaughtered by some apparent clansmen who were "cleaning up" a town somewhere in the old west. A shitty conniving sheriff takes Stubby's bread and lets them go out on their own into the wild.

They head south toward a town called Sandtown and meet up with some religious folk from Switzerland. Then they meet up with treacherous and sadistic Chaco. He befriends them and gains the trust of everyone but Stubby. Then he gives them peyote, ties them up, humiliates Clem, rapes Bunny, and steals all their shit. What an asshole. Stubby vows revenge. He also shoots Clem in the leg. Stranded, they make a stretcher and walk through the desert trying to find a town to get Clem some help.

But they end up having to hide from Chaco again as he slaughters the religious folk. Then they brave heinous rainstorms and soon find an abandoned town. Clem croaks, Butt goes crazy and serves them some of Clem's actual butt after claiming he killed an animal. Then they leave his ass there talking to ghosts. Then by chance they run into an old preacher friend of Stubby's. During dinner, Bunny's water breaks.

They haul ass up into the snowy mountain range and find a town that is almost deserted except for about 30 miners. They are wary at first of anyone coming around especially women. They get one dude who's married 3 women to deliver the baby, even though he doesn't really know what he's doing. They spend the next 15 minutes getting excited about the baby, and taking bets on it and all that shit. Finally she has the baby, but Bunny dies right after childbirth. Then the miners get all excited and name the baby Lucky, and shower him with gifts, and money. Stubby leaves them with the baby knowing he'll never be as good to the baby as they will. They give him a horse, some clean clothes and a pistol. He then sneaks up on Chaco's gang, and gets his revenge. Then for some reason out of nowhere, THE UGLIEST DOG i've ever seen runs up to him, and he's like, come on little doggie. Pretty great flick. But I think its pretty rare. I found it used in Austin. But it can be had. Look it up on amazon or whatever. Melekaleeky maka!

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