Friday, November 11, 2011

bad/awesome flixxx review/theater: Fantastic Planet (1973)

"After a while, I lost my intimacy with Tiva. As she grew up and neared adolescence, she gave up her playthings." - Terr

"We'll have to give him a collar. But you'll have to learn how to use it. Now put him down and ... watch." - Traag dad.

"That's no name for an Om. You must call him Fido, or Trusty. Look how he squirms. He's a real terror." - Traag dad.

DAMN RIGHT! This is one fucked up movie! Every single thing about it is AWESOME. The animation is amazing, the music and soundtrack is fantastic, the drawings are incredible, the creatures are very weird, the social commentary is biting, and the ideas are spot on. It's just great. There is definitely a mood that it put you in. Maybe that's why so many consider it a classic movie to trip to. It's a early 70's French Sci Fi film by Rene Laloux. It deals with the life of a young (human descendant) Om, and his people's struggle on the planet Ygam with the native Traags. Now you can read my description or say fuck it, scroll to the bottom and just watch for yourself- the FANTASTIC PLANET!!!

Ok, so in the future sometime, these giant blue aliens came to Earth after the Apocalypse and gathered up some wild Earthlings and started calling them Oms. Some escaped and live like dogs or rats in the woods. The rest were given to the Traag kids for pets. The Traags have crazy technology and weird ass creatures on their planet. Their time also passes more slowly because they are giants. One Traag week is an Earth (Om) year. When this starts, some Traag kids are fucking with this Om and her baby. They kill the lady, and are scared off by a Traag adult and his kid. His kid (Tiva) sees the baby and asks if she can keep it. Her dad says ok. But then he gets pissed when it comes in the house and interrupts his wife's meditation.

Traags sit around stoned all day and meditate. When they do, their eyes roll back in their head and they project themselves into a red bubble and float out of their chimneys and into the sky. When the dad sees that the Om is going to be a nuisance, he makes a collar for it that Tiva can control it with. She names him Terr. Terr fucking hates the Traags, and always tries to escape but he has to be smooth so because that collar can be a bitch. Tiva learns everything from these headphones and she holds Terr in her hands when she's learning so Terr starts listening and learning himself.

Pretty soon Tiva starts getting older and Terr sees that she doesn't play with her "toys" that much anymore. He decides to escape and steal her headphones. He splits and she notices that he's gone and tries to suck him back with the bracelet. But he gets stuck and this Om chick tears his collar off for him. Then she takes him to her tribe of wild Oms that live in a tree in a park. The Traags exterminate the Oms 3 times every "year" i guess, but they decide they need to increase that because the Oms are reproducing super fast. Terr's new tribe are fascinated by his knowledge of the Traag language and he shows them him headphones. The leader is cool with him, the wizard is not. So they ducttape some lizards with teeth to their bellies and make them fight to the death. Terr eventually wins. The Oms start learning fast. They eventually have to escape so they're not exterminated.

Their were warring tribes of Oms but after the extermination they join forces and head to a base where the Traags used to build rockets. They keep learning from the headphones and build a nice little city for themselves, but they know they'll all be in danger as long as the Traags keep trying to kill them. So they decide to build rockets to take them to this "fantastic planet" the headphones tell them about. They escape in the rockets at the last minute before being killed by the Traags new technology. When they get there, they see the coupled headless statues. Then they figure out that the Traags meditate and float their bodies to land as heads on the statues and they meet with other blue meditation heads from another planet and they dance, and then they FUCK!! And that's how they reproduce. But Terr is like, "let's not get stepped on", so he gets in his ship and started laser blasting the statues which basically kills off the Traags back on their planet forever blinded and stuck in meditation. Then the narrator sort of cuts everything short and says- They must learn to work together so they don't kill each other. And then he says, that's what they did. The Oms built another "moon" for themselves, and they didn't kill each other. THE END. Weird ending, but the movie is seriously- for lack of a better word- FANTASTIC. just watch it here:

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