Monday, November 28, 2011

Rocknowledgy episode 16 is up now!! on iTunes & elsewhere!!

Happy Post Turkey Day jubilations Thorriors and Rocknowledgists! Valient Himself and the T-6000 have cooked up a big fucking bird of a show and we're about to stuff it in yer inbox (if you know what we're talking about)! Gather to together and give thanx for heavy jams. Across the board- we love you. your best friend, Valient Himself

This episode can be downloaded HEEEEEEEERRRRRE and later today on iTunes!!! thanx!

Episode 16 Playlist:

Intro by T-6000,
Ten Years After- Speed Kills,
Imperial State Electric- Deja Vu,
The Atlantics- Lonelyhearts,
Master's Apprentices- Barefoot When I Saw Her,
The Third Power- Persecution,
Gentle Giant- Wreck,
Cyril Neville- Gossip,
Frank Black- The Vanishing Spies,
Ray Wylie Hubbard- (Up Against the Wall) Redneck Mother,
Sacred Steel- Stormhammer,
Pleasure Seekers- What A Way To Die,
Rollins Band- Volume 4,
RKL- Beautiful Feeling part 3,
Bang- The Queen,
outro by T-6000,
Tones On Tail- Go! (club mix)

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