Monday, November 21, 2011

Rocknowledgy episode 15 is up now!! on iTunes & elsewhere!!

Valient Himself and the T-6000 rock you once again. This week, Valient throws out some peeps you can follow on twitter to keep up with newsworthy events, and dedicates some tracks to freedom upholders. Keep dreaming the dream yall.
Episode 15 can be downloaded here NOW, and iTunes later today....

Episode 15 Playlist:
intro by T-6000,
Cherry Valence- Two Headed Woman,
Rose Tattoo- Astra Wally,
Midnight Circus- Get It,
Morly Grey- Peace Officer,
Single Frame Ashtray- The Slip,
Fela Kuti- Sorrow, Tears, & Blood,
Doug Sahm- (Is Anybody Goin to) San Antone,
The Eyes- Man with Money (Everly Brothers cover),
Roky Erickson- Clear Night For Love,
Funkadelic- Music for My Mother,
Party of Helicopters- The Toucher,
Circle Jerks- I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys cover),
outro by T-6000,
Chain and the Gang- Reparations

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