Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Concrete Cowboys (or Ramblin' Man) (1979)

I'm pretty sure that 99% of you will have never seen or even heard of this one. Partially because its not even really a movie. It was a TV movie/pilot, that was supposed to begin a series for Tom Selleck and Jerry Reed. However it was pretty bad, and Selleck moved on and was picked up for a detective series of his own. A little show called Magnum P.I. Anyway, they did eventually make 8 episodes with Selleck being replaced by some other dude. And it kinda looks like they based the show Simon & Simon on this a few years later. Oh well, also, it was called a few different things, originally: Concrete Cowboys, but for the copy I have it was called RAMBLIN' MAN. (Which is stupid, cause there were two of them... Shouldve been Ramblin Men).

I thought right away, this is gonna be awesome, because it had TOM SELLECK, JERRY REED, MORGAN FAIRCHILD, Roy Acuff, Barbara Mandrell, & Ray Stevens. I thought it was gonna be like Smokey & the Bandit or Cannonball Run or some shit. I thought it might even be as good as Roadie with the star power and the musicians and whatnot. Man, I was mistaken. The only one who plays is Ray Stevens, and he's not really that good anyway. The story is about Selleck and Reed as 2 cowboys who are on their way to Hollywood, they get in trouble, hop a train and end up in Nashville. They start staying at some dudes pad, and are mistaken for detectives by some chick who comes by. Then they're asked by her to help find her sister. Then they eventually do. Reed is always making mistakes Dukes of Hazzard style, and Selleck is the encyclopedia reading, good listener who is slow to act, but usually makes the right choices. I could tell right away it was some kind of TV pilot instead of a movie, because there was no cursing and the quality was bad... i mean damn bad. They couldn't even afford to use real cop cars, so they dressed up a bronco and a station wagon to look like them. This was a stinker, and naturally there was no real trailer cause it wasn't a movie. But I hope you enjoy the title sequence with an original number by ol Jerry Reed himself.

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