Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bad/awesome flixxx review: Second Sight (1989)

"None of dat nun! None of dat nun!"- Murray

"As you can see, we're very weird."- Wills

Wow. I actually saw this way back when. I didn't pay attention to mainstream reviews (still don't really.) But I had no idea how much everyone said this movie sucked. They were right of course. But, not really any more than a lot of the movies that came out around the same time. It tried for something unique. It had a few good leading television comedy men, but I think maybe it lacked good direction. And possibly storyline. Ok, it sucked, but if you could get past the FUCKING TERRIBLE version of "Do you believe in magic?" that the movie opens with, you may be able to sit through it. There's also another god awful song in one of the car chases: Aretha Franklin's "freeway of love". I hate both of those songs so much, I'm pretty sure that's the reason the flick did so bad. Solely on the reason that no one could make it through the beginning credits. Bronson Pinchot, and John Larroquette in: SECOND SIGHT.

I always liked John Larroquette. I was a fan of Night Court, and he basically plays the same character here, except instead of a sleazy womanizing lawyer, he's a sleazy womanizing detective. I never watched Perfect Strangers, so my only interaction with Bronson Pinchot was in the Beverly Hills Cop series. But he even does a pretty good job here. The basic plot is Larroquette plays Wills, a detective who's partnered up with a young man named Bobby Mcgee who got struck by lightning and became a psychic and his new age handler Preston (Stewart Pankin). Bobby helps solve crimes by contacting a dead guy named Murray. When he gets out of control they feed him Goobers to calm his psychic seizures.

So, the boys barely being able to sustain a living because they usually "goof" up (and Bobby eats a lot), but they go ahead a take a low profile hit and run case. Bobby falls for the girl and Wills falls for her "handler" who is a nun. They don't even explain why the girl is with the nun really. Anyway, they get the car back, but the next day the Cardinal is kidnapped. Wills suspects the Bishop, and questions him, but they never even go back to decide whether he hired the goons in the first place. Bad script holes. Anyway,

Bobby figures out that its the same goons who kidnapped the Cardinal and he takes control of a plane and drives it through a tunnel in Boston. Oh yeah, the ghost Murray was killed by the nun, going out to get her ice cream. And he gets pissed at Wills for being after her. Hilarity ensues. Also, there's a happy ending. Fuck it, just skip this one. Trust me. (but for 50 cent on vhs, deal.)

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