Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awesome Band Alert #1/ Today I am 30.

alahoyus.  Today is my thirtieth earth birthday.  and with that, i have a new little thing i'm going to do whenever i see awesome bands.  I don't know how many of you feel this way, but I see a million bands, and I used to get excited and impressed easily, but somewhere along the line, the quality turned into quantity of actual bands that are out there, and the output turned to shit.  Im rarely blown away, and I thought, well, from now on, when I am, Ill tell the world about it.  So, Ill tell you a little about them, and then you click on the links and check them out.  Simple enough, right?  Ok, here we go.  Awesome Band #1 is called Children.  I saw them the other day in the west side in Manhattan.  I believe they are from nyc as well.  I think we should take them out with us.  Pretty intense ripping stuff.  For fans of Early Man, Saviours, and other badass things.  Looks like they are working on a new record.  Awesome Band #2 is from the same town (Orebro) in Sweden that Witchcraft and Truckfighters and Winchester Widowmakers and about a 100 other awesome bands are from.  They are called Dead Man, and they completely blew me away last night.  Swedish prog/folk played now, that is every bit as ripping as any of the bands that you'd find on an Underground Psych comp.  i bought both of their albums.  One of which isn't available in the US.  i believe their 2nd lp, Euphoria, is available in the states on Metro City (im pretty sure anyway, just check their myspace).  The 3rd Awesome Band for this installment is a band from Iowa called Radio Moscow.  I thought these little dudes were just there to see the show last night, and then after dead man ripped, they got up and started grabbing the instruments and commenced to just killing it.  They were so young, and i was tripping out, b/c i thought somehow since I'd hit 30, that now everyone just seemed young and i was an old man... hahaha, but maybe that was the beers.  These kids were pumping out a Blue Cheer meets Hendrix w/ a heavy dose of British blues.  I had discounted them after hearing one single a while back, but obviously I heard the wrong track.  These dudes are solid.  Check these last two out and about right now.  Do not miss them.  alright.  Party On.

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