Tuesday, February 24, 2009

terms of service violation? for jamming funkadelic? wtf??

it has come to my attention that somehow and someway, the nice lady who posted Valient Thorr as Funkadelic has come under fire last week for posting that video and another one that had some band covering Bryan Adams.  And from what i heard, it was Bryan Adams peoples fault.  But the video clearly says that its VT as Funkadelic.  So I don't understand what rules were broken.  Karen Mann, a longtime blogger, has had her youtube account pulled!!  Now, I'm hearing this all secondhand, so I'll get the scoop and post an update.  If its a matter of renaming it and posting it again, well, we'll just see what we can do.  I was under the impression that there was footie of the whole shebang, not just the first few jams.  Cause believe me, once we started getting down, it just kept getting better as it rolled along.  I don't see what all the hub bub is in the first place.  I'm sure someone will feel the need to tell me.  But, c'mon?!?!  What about all the tribute bands and cover groups the world over.  This was a one time event for charity, not us fronting like we Appetite for Destruction or Baaad, or some other band who makes a ton of bread impersonating groups for a living.  what a load of shit.  george clinton, say it ain't so!  more soon...

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